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Good qualities of soap are well known. It is the most hygienic surfactant that is not toxic. It allows washing of things for newborns and people with very sensitive skin. Soap has one of the best washing statistics for removing various stains.

At that, it is fairly difficult to wash with soap, since it poorly dissolves in water, does not wash off well, in powder form clumps together, and in heavy water forms flakes - insoluble calcium and magnesium salts, which cause fabric to fade. People did everything they could to wash comfortably with soap. Soap has been grated, dissolved in water in advance, but none of those methods allowed to wash with soap using a washing machine.

"Karapuz" company's main goal was to create a baby washing powder that would preserve all of soap's benefits, while eliminating its faults. It was necessary to granulate soap powder.

Since the traditional tower technology is not suitable for creation of granulated laundry detergents, scientists of "Karapuz" company developed a proprietary granulation technology, which they could implement on the company's factory.

This technology permits the powder to dissolve quickly, it completely eliminates dust, and guarantees that the detergent washes off completely. It is a patented invention.
The main feature of detergent "Karapuz", which distinguishes it from the other laundry detergents is the use of high quality Malaysian soap based on palm and palm core oil. It gives the "Karapuz" detergent its whiteness and high cleaning effect, and does not cause an allergic reaction in newborns and people with high skin sensitivity. It does not create excessive foam, and presence of water softener permits using it to even be used in automatic washing machines.

Oxygen-based whitener and enzymes that remove spots and give fabric brightness and whiteness are additional components of the baby detergent.

Doctors advise to bathe newborns in herb broths. It is also known that the content of seawater is close to blood plasma. This is why it feels like we are reborn and charged with life energy after resting in sea waves. Company technologists managed to unite the uplifting effect of the sea with healing properties of herbs in bath salt "Karapuz". By taking baths with our salt your child will grow up healthy, have good appetite, and sleep well.

Frequently mineral oil is used in manufacturing of baby oils, the harmful effects of which paediatricians and dermatologists reiterate so often. On the other hand, usage of poorly refined natural oils cuts shelf life, resulting in appearance of bad smell and precipitants. "Karapuz" company uses only highly refined natural oil, which supplies the baby's skin with nutrients, while consolidating the lipid layer.

Thanks to the new formula, the baby lotion "Karapuz" has also improved its healing qualities, while keeping the same price.

"Karapuz" company's efforts are directed towards creation of new washing and cosmetic products with increased hygienic properties. Products made from natural ingredients without use of mineral oils will benefit you, thanks to their ecologically clean components.

If you care about your health and health of you baby - "Karapuz" products are for you!