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Company history

The story of the "Karapuz" company begun in the sixties, when Soviet research institutes where developing a radically new environmentally friendly and safe healthy detergent, that hasnt analogy in the world. The concern for harmful effect of synthetic detergents on human, and especially baby's body was raised even then. But this project was realized only in 1977, when a group of young and talented scientists continued their predecessors' efforts to create a unique new soap-based detergent.
The project was clinically tested, and produced the first laundry detergent to be approved by the Ukrainian Ministry of Health for use from baby's first days.
The company's collective received a large amount of letters from parents with words of gratitude and requests for expansion of the product line, at the same time as the research group was working on the creation of new and original cosmetic products based on natural ingredients.
And so the company "Karapuz" managed to merge sea salt and natural herb extracts in one product. Then was developed baby oil based on organic, instead of mineral oils.
This is exactly why products made by the company "Karapuz" are not only good for children, but also for adults. It is the choice of people who care about their health by using natural cosmetic products.
We value your opinion and try to be as close as possible, while considering and satisfying your wishes.
"Karapuz" - growing together.